Repair DivX No Sound Video File on Mac



"I have downloaded many DivX movies from internet and stored them on hard drive of my Mac machine. But, when I tried playing those DivX movie files, I was able to see only the photos on the player screen but wasn't able to hear any audio out of it. Now, once again downloading all those videos is really a hectic and time consuming process. Does anyone know how can I fix DivX video no sound on Mac?"

Does the same question which is mentioned above is bothering you a lot? If yes, then no need to get worried about your DivX file!!! If your DivX video file is unable to produce sound or you hear distorted sound while playing DivX file playback on your Mac system, then it is undoubtedly because of missing audio codec or the file is corrupted. A codec is a programming language which facilitates the media player that is being used to play the DivX video files about how to compress and play the DivX file efficiently. So, in order to hear sound on playing DivX movies, a desired audio codec must be installed on your system. You can get Codec from online and even after installing correct audio codec if the same problem exists, then it means that your DivX file is corrupted and you have to repair DivX no sound video file on Mac by making use of suitable DivX file repair tool that is compatible with Mac operating system.

Here is good news for you as there is an ultimate repair toolkit named under the title Fix DivX Mac which can fix DivX video no sound in Mac efficiently with great accuracy. This application even knows how to fix out of Sync audio in AVI on Mac OS X based computers and laptops. Tap on this page link to grasp complete knowledge on fixing out of audio sync issues in AVI files that includes all other file formats like DivX, Xvid, etc.

However, if you have DivX movies and have no audio or distorted audio, then either the movie is not DivX file format, the DivX video file is corrupted due to virus infection, sudden power surge, incompatible player, improper download, etc. or the audio codec MP3 or IMA, ADPCM is missing. Irrespective of the reason for DivX Video no sound on Mac, with the aid of our Mac DivX file repair tool one can precisely fix the problem of DivX movies not playing properly. It could even repair DivX files whose index has been broken. To learn about DivX index repair click over here: Fix DivX Mac software is built with robust scanning algorithms that scans for the corrupted video file and later using its unique file signature will fix DivX video no sound on Mac easily and efficiently.

Through the use of this fix DivX software, you can easily repair the corrupted DivX video file that is unable to get played on the QuickTime player on your Macintosh line of systems. Browse around the given website link for collecting further details on how to make DivX movies playable on QuickTime player in Mac. The intuitive interface of Fix DivX Mac software allows you to fix DivX video file with no audio on Mac quickly and very conveniently. It works well on all latest versions of Mac operating system starting from Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. The software provides the perfect answer for the question on how to play corrupted video files on Mac machines.

Safety Precautions to be taken care:

  • While downloading DivX movies online make sure that the download process is not interrupted due to power failure or accidental system shutdown.
  • Always ensure that the internet connectivity is proper.

Simple steps to fix DivX video no sound in Mac:

Step1: Download trial version of this toolkit and do the installation on the hard disk of your Mac machine. Double click the shortcut icon created on the desktop after installation to launch the application and select the DivX file by using Browse button. Then tap on Repair button to repair DivX no sound video file on Mac as shown in Figure 1.

DivX Video no sound on Mac - Home Screen

Step2: The software starts repairing the corrupt DivX video file as shown in Figure 2.

fixdivxmac-repairing-progress - Repairing Progress

Step3: Once done with the corrupted DivX file repair process, you can preview the repaired DivX movies as shown in Figure 3. Then, save the files on your desired destination location.

fixdivxmac-repairing-progress - Repairing Progress