Repair Xvid Encoded AVI Files on Mac



Xvid is an encoder type which uses lossy video compression technology to compress video files. It allows you to save movie and video files comparatively in very less file size with very little noticeable less quality. It has become popular especially for to have playback on PC.

Xvid is always in cutting edge of development, producing greater performance and a lot more option than other competitors. But this sort of development has made a little more difficult to master for general public.

There is a lot of new development that has blanked up Xvid encoded video file, with instructions and messages that you need to install. This has raise new issues like audio video synchronization outreach, poor quality of video, video not playing after a certain time limit, video but no sound, downloaded video not opening etc.

So people are compelled now to look for ways to repair Xvid Avi file.

About Avi- it is a container type which contains the data related to Xvid compression as well as other information like header, audio and video signal record.

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Here question is the problem could be either with Xvid and Avi or it could be with both, then how general public can fix Xvid encoded Avi file. Check out these symptoms first that might help to identify a problematic video file:

  • Always remember that Xvid technology is most suited for hardware like PC. But if you will try to rip the video file in a CD/ DVD, it might cause problems.
  • Power failure or fluctuation or while playing Xvid file your system got shut down then it will eventually corrupt your Xvid Avi file.
  • Xvidcore.dll file gets damaged during installing the codec of Xvid on system. If it happens this file will get corrupt which will prevent system from playing any video.
  • The most common and widespread reasons of video file corruption is virus intrusion. One virus can harm many files on your system.
  • Window registry is a database file which is keeping track of files that are currently running on the system. then Window registry file gets corrupted Because of XVID codec fails to access the DLL (.dll files) code which will eventually make video unable to play.
  • If you play the AVI file on media player which does not support the XVID codec, then there is possibility of damaging the Avi file.

Salient features of Fix DivX Mac software

Well our software has the ability to repair Xvid, DivX, and other video files. Downloaded video, captured video, stored in hard drive, pen drive, memory card, and even stored in iPods can be fixed using this software. Easy- to –use user interface, preview option before you actually recover files are some other genuine features. What makes it truly advantageous and unique is it`s working algorithm which works on read only mode.Sneak a peek over here to learn more interesting facts about this video repair tool. As it is not going to modify any data, you can attempt repairing Xvid Avi file many times till you get desired results.

Tutorial to Fix Xvid Encoded AVI File on Mac:

Step A: Download and install fix DivX Mac software on your Mac computer hard disk. Run the utility and browse for the out of Sync AVI file using Browse option as depicted in Figure I.

repair xvid avi file - Main Window

Step B: Once the file gets uploaded, Repair button turns green. Now, click on Repair button to start fixing AVI video on Mac as depicted in Figure II.

repair xvid avi file - Tap on Repair Button

Step C: The software will start repairing the AVI video file as depicted in Figure III.

repair xvid avi file - Repairing Out of Sync AVI File

Step D: On completion of repair process, you can preview the repaired Xvid AVI file and later save them as depicted in Figure IV.

repair xvid avi file - Save Repaired AVI File