Application to Fix DivX Index



“Hi, recently I tried playing an important DivX file on my Mac computer, but it refused to play. I don’t know what’s getting wrong with it. Whenever I play the video, an error message pops up on my computer screen and the media player refuses to play the video file. At any expense I want tackle this issue, can any please explain me what has happened to the DivX file and how it has to be repaired? Thanks in advance.”

If you too are encountering the same sort of issue as stated above then don’t get worried over it. In fact it’s not at all an uphill task to resolve this error nowadays. Well, DivX files generate error messages and refuse to play when they get corrupt, and one of the most noted reasons behind this problem is breaking of index. You may use this application, when your AVI files are incorrectly truncated due to various reasons. Whenever the index of DivX file gets broken, you’ll get error messages and the video file will certainly refuse to play and unless you repair DivX index you will be getting the same error messages. In order to fix DivX index on your computer, you have to employ an optimum DivX repair application, which has the capability to fix DivX video file index.

Among various repair tools, Fix DivX Mac tool is leading and the most widely used repair software in the entire world. The application is highly effective and is specially developed to repair DivX index on Mac computers. This powerful repair utility not only performs DivX index repair on Mac, but also it is capable of fixing all sorts of errors linked with the DivX files. The DivX files that have been damaged due to virus infection, header damage can also be repaired using this tool.   In addition to DivX file repair, you can easily repair partially downloaded AVI and XVID file formats within few clicks of mouse.

Why does DivX index get broken?

Well, the main reason for breaking of DivX index is due to encountering of errors during the conversion of the video file from DivX to XVID. Any of sort of unexpected disruption, while converting a DivX file to XVID will make index of DivX to get broken, it may be due to abrupt system shut down or any other reason. Therefore no interruptions should occur at the time of conversion. Suppose, if you have stumbled up on such a scenario then don’t panic, make use of fix DivX Mac tool and instantly repair DivX index on your Mac computer.  

Remarkable Features of Fix DivX Mac Software:

Fix DivX Mac is a read only software, which won’t do any kind of modification or alteration to the DivX file whose index has broken, rather it will scan and creates a similar but healthy file. This efficient utility can fix DivX index on Mac computers that are installed with Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion, etc. With the aid of this proficient utility you could repair DivX index on different types of secondary storage devices including pen drives, external hard disks, FireWire drives, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. It offers an easiest way to perform DivX index repair by giving orderly directions and screen shots for every step, this means it’s a graphical user interface repair program. This remarkable tool is also capable of repairing AVI files on Mac. To know how to repair out of sync audio in AVI files on Mac visit here: Use the demo version of this repair tool for performing DivX video index fix, if you get satisfied with its performance then purchase the licensed version. 

Simple steps to repair DivX index:

Step1: Download trial version of this tool kit and do the installation on the hard disk of your Mac machine. Double click the shortcut icon created on the desktop after installation to launch the application and select the DivX file by using Browse button. Then tap on Repair button to fix DivX index as shown in Figure 1.

Repair DivX Index - Home Screen

Step2: The software starts DivX index repair process as shown in Figure 2.

Repair DivX Index - Repairing Progress

Step3: Once repair process is completed, you can preview the repaired DivX videos as shown in Figure 3. Then, save the files on your desired destination location.

Repair DivX Index - Preview Repaired File