Tool to Repair Broken DivX File



DivX is basically a video file format in which large sized videos are encoded. DivX files will be of very small in size and occupies less space on the storage media. Moreover, these DivX videos give better picture quality when compared with other popular video file formats.

However at times, these DivX video files get broken. Well, there are number of reasons that’ll make DivX file to get broken. But you need not to get worried, if any important DivX video file of yours gets corrupt. Since presently an efficient Fix DivX Mac application is there to assist you to repair broken DivX file. The application is very popular and is very safe to repair broken DivX video file, as it doesn’t contain any harmful elements like viruses or spiteful programs. Fix DivX Mac application is a most reputed repair utility which has gained several compliments from its users and remains to be a perfect solution to fix broken DivX file.

Factors influencing DivX files to get broken:

  • Header Corruption: Header is a very important part of DivX file. It retains all important info of DivX file. Sometimes, the header of DivX file gets corrupt, if it corrupts then DivX file will get broken. But you can repair broken DivX file easily with the aid of Fix DivX Mac software.  
  • Virus Infection: Virus infection is also one reason on account of which DivX file gets broken. Harmful viruses like malware, Adware and Spyware has the ability for damaging DivX file.
  • Transfer Errors: When you are transferring DivX video file from computer to some external storage device or vice versa, and suddenly because of some error, if transfer process gets interrupted then DivX file gets broken. However, if you want to fix broken DivX file then using Fix DivX Mac is an appropriate solution.
  • Other Reasons: There are several other reasons such as downloading errors, saving DivX file on bad sector region of storage device, etc.

Doesn’t matter how DivX file gets broken. Fix DivX Mac app is there to assist you to repair broken video files of .divx format. This application will not do any modification to the broken DivX file, instead it will first scan the broken video file and generates a similar but healthy DivX video file. In this way Fix DivX Mac app will repair broken DivX video file. Therefore the original DivX file remains unaltered. With the help of this application you can fix DivX video no sound on Mac very easily.

Striking features of Fix DivX Mac utility:

Fix DivX Mac app is a fast tool which will complete broken DivX file repair process within few minutes. It can repair broken DivX file on all popular versions of Mac operating system including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. With the help of this amazing tool you can even repair DivX index on your Mac computer. Improper downloading of a file is one of the reason for broken video files. This incomplete download is mainly due to interruption like power failure, network failure, etc. durin the process is on. With this toolkit, you can easily fix partially downloaded AVI video and many other file formats within few steps. The application is very easy to use, as it gives step by step instructions with clear screenshots following which even a novice user can repair broken DivX video file. This amazing tool will not only fix broken DivX video file, buts also it can easily repair AVI files. If AVI file is out of sync with audio then to repair just click here: Get the trial edition of this repair utility and evaluate the product, if you get satisfied with the out coming results then purchase its licensed version.      

Simple steps to repair broken DivX file:

Step 1: Download trial version of this tool kit and do the installation on the hard disk of your Mac machine. Double click the shortcut icon created on the desktop after installation to launch the application and select the DivX file by using "Browse" button. Then tap on "Repair" button to fix broken DivX file as shown in Figure 1.

Repair Broken DivX File - Home Screen

Step 2: The software starts repairing the broken DivX video file as shown in Figure 2.

Repair Broken DivX File - Repairing Progress

Step 3: Once repair process is completed, you can preview the repaired DivX videos as shown in Figure 3. Then, save the files on your desired destination location.

Repair Broken DivX File - Preview Repaired File