Repair Unplayable DivX Video on QuickTime



QuickTime is a multimedia player that is being developed by Apple to play video files on Mac OS X based computers. QuickTime player supports online media like video clips, movies, educational videos and video files from your personal collection on Mac. While Mac OS X comes pre-installed with Apple�s QuickTime player, it natively supports MOV video file format. But, what if you have DivX movies and want to watch them on your Mac�s QuickTime player? DivX is a quality video file type which works well in different media players as it is condensed with extremely high compression video files. It is commonly well known to be the group of formats and codecs for downloaded movies via internet. However, to get the DivX video file played on QuickTime player, you need to make use of third party plug-ins on your Mac system that helps you in viewing different video file formats that include your Windows Media and DivX video codec.

Even though additional components are added to make the DivX codec playable, but sometimes these DivX movies starts behaving in an unusual way and does not play smoothly or at times do not play at all. The main reason which results in unplayable DivX video may be corruption due to various known or unknown reasons. Generally, when the DivX video gets corrupted, it fails to get loaded on the player and refuses to perform their tasks making you feel irritating. What would be your next step after QuickTime not playing DivX video? Are you upset and looking out for a way to repair unplayable DivX video on QuickTime Player? Well, just hold on there is nothing to get much tensed about it. You are lucky enough to have fix DivX Mac software that helps you out to fix DivX file that won't play in QuickTime that too within few simple steps. If important DivX files get broken, then to repair just visit here:

Sometimes, when you play DivX video or other video files like AVI and find that audio is out of sync due to improper synchronization problem. Even in that case, you can use our reliable software to repair out of sync audio in AVI files on Mac, including DivX and XVID files. Fix DivX Mac toolkit is designed by highly qualified professional who are having years of experience in launching third party repair tools. Because of its high grade performance, this application is widely accepted by customers to fix QuickTime not playing DivX video errors. Fix DivX Mac tool efficiently fixes both audio and video data streams simultaneously and later adjoins them to make the corrupted DivX video file playable on your QuickTime player.

Whenever you encounter �QuickTime not playing DivX video�, then to address the issue give a try for our simple yet powerful Mac DivX file repair suit. Along with DivX video file, this software is proficient in repairing other video file formats like MOV, MPEG, AVI, XVID and many more file types. It knows how to fix DivX file that won�t play in QuickTime player on all versions of Mac OS X like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mac Mountain Lion and also Mavericks. To know more about how to fix and play corrupted video files on Macintosh line of computer, then give a visit to this URL

Note: At times, the DivX video plays very smoothly on your QuickTime player, but suddenly you will stop hearing sound from it and only be able to view the video without sound. In that moment, using services of the most comprehensive Fix DivX Mac utility, one can fix DivX Video with no sound on Mac easily and quickly with great ease. For enquiring more on how to repair DivX movies with no sound, click over this link

Easy steps to fix QuickTime not playing DivX video:

Step1: Download and install demo version of fix DivX Mac software on your Mac computer�s hard disk. Run the utility and then browse for not playing DivX video by using �Browse� option as in Figure A.

QuickTime not Playing DivX Video - Welcome Screen

Step2: Then, �Repair� button turns green, click on it to repair unplayable DivX video on QuickTime as in Figure B.

QuickTime not Playing DivX Video - Click Repair

Step3: Now, the software will start repairing the DivX file as in Figure C.

QuickTime not Playing DivX Video - Repairing Progress

Step4: On completion of repair process, you can preview the repaired DivX videos as in Figure D.

QuickTime not Playing DivX Video - Repairing Progress

Step5: Finally, if you find that the repaired file plays well, then to get its complete software to save the repaired DivX movies on your Mac machine as in Figure E.

QuickTime not Playing DivX Video - Save Repaired File