Repair Out of Sync Audio in AVI Files on Mac



Audio Video Interleave which is well known with acronym AVI, designed and introduced by Microsoft Incorporation is the most popularly used video file format to play video clippings or movies. These AVI files can be easily played on different media players such as VLC, Media Player Classic, Real Media Player, etc. AVI video file was basically developed for Windows operating system based computers and laptops, but now it is made compatible to be played on the most standard Mac OS X based systems. These days, most of the video clips or the movies that you want to download from internet are available with AVI video file format as both the audio and video content that is contained in this single AVI file is of extremely good quality. This AVI video file also lets you to compress or edit the videos very easily.

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Even though the AVI files get downloaded properly from internet, but oftentimes when you try to play the AVI video, it plays very smoothly and all of sudden you will face audio-video syncing problem i.e. video comes first and after a few seconds you will hear the audio or vice versa. At times, this audio syncing problem will be minor wherein the audio track and dialogues are off for few milliseconds, which will be unnoticeable. But, for other times, the audio is out of sync with AVI video for more time, then it would really become impossible for you to watch the video. This must be really aggravating that while watching a video, sound occurs about one second too slow and even make the file unplayable.

Once you hit with such unpredictable moment, rather than wasting your valuable time on trying to play the AVI videos again and again, go ahead and think of fixing AVI video that`s out of sync with audio on Mac using some trustworthy repair tool. Among several repair toolkits, Fix DivX Mac is the most recommended one as it repairs corrupted, damaged or broken AVI file safely with utmost ease. With the aid of this repair suit, one can solve all their problems on how to fix out of sync audio in AVI on Mac machines. This utility is a universal binary application that can repair out of Sync audio in AVI Files on Mac with both Intel and PowerPC platforms. Sneak a peek over here to learn more interesting facts about this video repair tool.

The reason responsible for occurrence of these out of sync audio or video problems is because of usage of wrong media player, incomplete download of AVI videos from internet, unexpected system termination when the download is about to complete and many. However, if you are facing AVI audio out of sync problem on your Mac system, then as go with the previously stated Fix DivX Mac software. Fix DivX Mac application is read only software which creates a copy of corrupted AVI file and starts repairing the corrupted DivX file, which means that your source AVI video file will not be modified and remains intact. Nevertheless, this robust and flexible application can even fix DivX video no sound on Mac computers easily at your fingertips. It's considered to be the perfect solution for the problem how to fix out of sync audio in AVI on Mac systems.

Adding to this, fix DivX Mac software can repair other video file formats like MOV, XVID, DivX, MPEG and many other video files formats very efficiently. All the audio-video synchronization issues can be perfectly solved by using services of our highly professional repair tool. This utility will fix out of sync sound in AVI videos on Mac and adjoins both the data streams i.e. audio and video side by side. Using our flexible software, one can fix corrupted Video file and make them playable. Check out the post right here for additional information. It is available in demo version, by making use of which one can estimate the performance of the tool and if satisfied with the preview of the repaired file can avail its licensed version to get the repaired file saved on your Mac system.

Guide on how to fix out of sync audio in AVI on Mac:

Step A: Download and install fix DivX Mac software on your Mac computer`s hard disk. Run the utility and browse for the out of Sync AVI file using Browse option as depicted in Figure I.

How to Fix Out of Sync Audio in AVI on Mac - Main Window

Step B: Once the file gets uploaded, Repair button turns green. Now, click on Repair button to start fixing AVI video that is out of sync with audio on Mac as depicted in Figure II.

How to Fix Out of Sync Audio in AVI on Mac - Tap on Repair Button

Step C: The software will start repairing the AVI video file as depicted in Figure III.

How to Fix Out of Sync Audio in AVI on Mac - Repairing Out of Sync AVI File

Step D: On completion of repair process, you can preview the repaired AVI file and later save them as depicted in Figure IV.

How to Fix Out of Sync Audio in AVI on Mac - Save Repaired AVI File