Application to Fix DivX Header



DivX file is widely used file to save multimedia movies and other videos files. DivX file has powerful algorithm that is compactable with Mac Operating system. The main benefit of the DivX file is that it holds abstract data interfaces for the multimedia data. DivX files are large in size because of this if something goes wrong while accessing, transferring process and editing then DivX files can easily gets damaged that result in damage of DivX file on Mac computer. Header is the important part of the DivX file which will be having all the information about the file and without that no file can be accessed. Any sort of damage or corruption in the header can affect the whole file. You will get tensed and starts thinking what need to been done to repair DivX header? Stop worrying because you easily fix DIVX header by using fix DivX Mac tool.

Consider a scenario in which you have important video in DivX file format and you very busy in watching it on your Mac system. While watching you get pop message saying low battery but you are busy ignored that message and continue watching. After sometime passes, your Mac system gets shuts down. Then you turned on your system and tried to open the DivX file. You cannot play the video after trying many times you come to know that header of the DivX got corrupted or damaged. You might be shocked of losing favorite Video file. But, no need to worry you can repair DivX header on Mac system using Fix DivX Mac software. With the help of powerful scanning algorithms this tool can fix DivX file header and can make it playable.

Some of the reasons for corruption of DivX header:

Virus intrusion: Virus is the most destructive element, which has the capability to damage the file structure and essential parts of the multimedia file including header. Suppose, if your DivX file is attacked by deadly viruses then the chances DivX header file corruption increases. Viruses can damaged your file and make it inaccessible.

Improper Transferring: Your DivX header can get corrupt during file transferring process from external media device to your Mac system when suddenly the external device is ejected.

Interruption:While downloading DivX video file from the internet any sort of interference such as power surge, slower connection may broke your file which results in loss of header files.

Therefore, whatever may the reason behind the damage of the DivX header, you can simply play back your DivX file on Mac using Fix DivX Mac tool.

Unique features of Fix DivX Mac Software:

  • By utilizing this tool you can repair damaged, corrupted and broken DivX video files with few simple steps.
  • This tool can repair DivX header on the all the platforms of Macintosh Operating systems such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks etc.
  • By the help of this tool you can also fix issues on the other video file formats such as AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4 etc.
  • Along with the DivX header this tool is also capable of repairing DivX index which enables the user to play DivX video files on media players
  • Simple steps to repair DivX header:

    Step1: Download trial version of this tool kit and do the installation on the hard disk of your Mac machine. Double click the shortcut icon created on the desktop after installation to launch the application and select the DivX file by using Browse button. Then tap on Repair button to fix DivX header as shown in Figure 1.

    Step2: The software starts DivX header repair process as shown in Figure 2.

    Step3: Once repair process is completed, you can preview the repaired DivX videos as shown in Figure 3. Then, save the files on your desired destination location.